What Our Customers Say


I can now taste food again!

five stars
Dear Jamie & Team,
A big THANK YOU for the work you have done on my front tooth. The implant is brilliant! I can now taste food again as I no longer need to wear a denture. I know it’s a cliché but it really has made a huge difference to my life and to my taste. It has also simplified things for me in a significant way. Thank you again
Michael Ryan, London N15


The Fenton Dental Studio has entered the Premier League

five stars
I had used the previous dentist for over thirty years and did not think it could get any better, how wrong can you be? The Fenton Dental Studio has entered the Premier League for pain free super service and I would not hesitate to refer them to everyone I know.
John Abrahams via google_co_uk


This would be an ideal dental practice for children or nervous patients

five stars

When my dentist closed down, I researched dentists in my area. I visited some but felt most comfortable when I entered the Fenton Dental Studio. Their facilities are modern and up-to-date but most importantly for me they spent time explaining my treatment plan in detail and explained my treatment options after a very thorough examination of my teeth. When I had questions about a future treatment, Dr James Fenton was only too happy to take time out to meet me and go through the options a second time. At no time did he make me feel I was inconveniencing him and as he said to me, he would rather make sure he had fully answered my questions rather than leave me with unanswered questions in my head. The treatment I have received has been first class. At regular intervals during treatment I was given re-assurance and asked if I was OK to continue. I have never experienced any pain or discomfort during my appointments and I have no hesitation in recommending the Fenton Dental Studio to my friends and family. I feel sure this would be an ideal dental studio for children or nervous patients.

RogerRoger Bourdon, London N21


I have had several excellent experiences at the Fenton Dental Studio

five stars
I have had several excellent experiences at the The Fenton Dental Studio. My initial visit there was to address a problem I had been having with my jaw. It was constantly clicking and causing me discomfort. Dr James Fenton immediately recognised the problem and worked very quickly to resolve it. He fitted me with a plastic gum shield that is tailor made to my mouth. Within a couple of weeks of wearing this gum shield the clicking of my jaw had stopped and I was experiencing very little discomfort in comparison to the pain I had experienced before. I was very impressed with this and since having this gum shield Dr James Fenton has adjusted it and made sure on every check up that the gum shield is still fitting correctly and preventing my jaw from being under stress. I have also had regular hygiene checks with Dr James Fenton, all having been pain free and executed very professionally. Today I had to have a filling put into my back left molar which is a procedure that can be painful. Dr James Fenton and his colleague were excellent and numbed my mouth prior to the injection that I had into my gum. The filling was placed into my tooth and I had no discomfort at all during my experience at The Fenton Dental Studio. Overall I have received excellent care from my dentist and would certainly recommend him. The whole team from reception staff to dentist assistants are all extremely professional, warm and know how to put a patient at ease. 5/5 excellent care.
Ellie Edwards via google_co_uk


Even though we have moved out of North London, we still go back to the Fenton Dental Studio

five stars
We have been going to the Fenton Dental Studio since it first opened. Even though we have moved out of North London we still go back there for all our dental treatment. The service has always been excellent and James is great with our kids. The staff are very friendly and helpful. Appointments are on time. There are alternative payment options available, which is helpful. We would highly recommend James as a great dentist.
Felix Couchman via google_co_uk