Nervous Patients & Sedation


Are you the type of person who struggles going to the dentist? Do you panic when you open the letter for your next recall? Do you find it impossible to phone and book that appointment to fix a broken tooth? We know at The Fenton Dental Studio that this is a common occurrence for many people and we want to make it easier.

Dental Anxiety can often start from a bad experience as a child or an adult, but for some people it is something that they have always felt and it often gets worse as they get older! The fear makes it very difficult for some people to take care of themselves and their teeth. This in turn leads to more problems and an ever increasing fear of what would be needed to correct it as the situation gets worse!

We want to change all that and give you the power to take back control of your oral health. You don’t need to go to a specialist in central London, we can do this with dental IV sedation in Winchmore Hill.

IV Sedation is used to help you, the patient, have a relaxing and anxiety-free experience while receiving dental treatment. By using a drug called Midazolam, put into a small vein on the back of your hand or arm before we start treatment, you are able to reach a relaxed and calm state enabling you to receive the dental care you want.

Just to top it off, the medication creates such a relaxed state for the patient that most do not remember the visit at all. It is almost as if they “slept” through the procedure with long procedures feeling like they have flown by. The patient in reality is not fully asleep, dental IV sedation does maintain a level of consciousness so that you are able to follow directions from the dentist during treatment.

This is what one of our patients had to say about her experience:

As an extremely nervous dental patient I was very concerned about the need for a filling and an extraction of another tooth. These were to be completed in one appointment and I decided to opt for sedation.

I had not experienced this option before but the whole process was explained fully to me before the appointment, and all my questions answered. The actual sedation process was quick and painless and before I knew it the filling and extraction were completed. The surgery staff were both professional and caring and I would recommend this option to anyone who is nervous about a visit to the dentist.’ – Mrs H. Collins. 


If you have been afraid to visit the dentist and would like to have a better smile, dental IV sedation can help you feel comfortable and relaxed during treatment.

It is possible for you to now have a smile that you can be proud of!

Dental IV sedation patients also are more likely to get on a regular schedule to receive routine care. This will help prevent the need for drastic dental procedures in the future. We want you to feel comfortable and secure at the Fenton Dental Studio and we want you to receive the care that you deserve.

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