I Can’t Eat The Food I Love

  • I can’t eat the food I love….
  • I can’t bite into an apple anymore…..
  • It hurts when I chew my food…..
  • I can only eat soft foods…...


Have you thought or said any of these things recently? Do you have loose or old dentures that mean you can’t eat the foods you used to? Do they move when you eat? Then dental implants could be for you.

It used to be that when teeth were removed you had to have a denture for life. Not only was your ability to chew hard foods decreased, but also your ability to taste your food decreased as the denture covers your taste buds and the surfaces of your mouth.

Did you know that dental implants can give you the ability to eat any food you like? You don’t have to put up with dentures that move around and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. A full lower denture could be stabilised with just two implants to give more security and allow you to eat more comfortably!

Or, if you want to get rid of your denture completely, four implants and a bridge in the lower jaw could give you back a full set of teeth that you never have to remove again!

There have been many advances in dental implants and at the Fenton Dental Studio we can provide you with implants that can bring back the joy of eating once more!

Dental implants will give you the freedom to eat the foods you want, without pain or embarrassment. Why wait? Our dental practice in winchmore Hill provides affordable dental implants. Phone now for a free initial consultation to assess your needs.